On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein - Jennifer Berne, Vladimir Radunsky

On a Beam of Light is a story about Albert Einstein's life and how he was not at first accepted by others. When reading this text, I even learned new things I did not know about his life. This story starts off by explaining that Albert did not talk much as a toddler and his parents knew he was very special. It goes on with Einstein attending school and a teacher scrutinizing him to be more like his peers. He began reading books about numbers, light, and sound and wanted to be a teacher someday, but was unable to find a job and began working in a government office. Eventually, he began sending letters to science magazines who in return published his works, because they seemed to be true. The story ends with Albert leaving many questions for scientist to answer today. This story would be great to use with a research project or comparing and contrasting important historical figures. It also includes a character lesson that encourages students to stay true to theirselves and always believe in their potential. This story is a 4.5 on the AR system for leveling.