Henry's Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad - Ellen Levine

My co-operating teacher introduced me to this inspiring and emotional true story about Henry "Box" Brown. This story takes place during slavery and is a story about a young man who escapes through the underground railroad. After being torn from his mother at a young age, he started his very own family while living with his new owner. Year passed, and Henry felt as though his family was normal until his wife and children were sold at the slave market. With tears in his eyes, he watched his family in shackles, ride off knowing he would never see them again. A kind man, who opposed slavery, helped Henry construct an escape plan. To find out Henry's fate you will have to read the rest! This text will definitely be included in a history unit in my classroom. It gives a great perspective on how children lived in terror during slavery. This book is leveled at 3.0 on the accelerated reader scale.